Regina Furtek is a New York City based textile designer specializing in product development for residential and commercial interiors. With over twenty years of industry experience, her approach stems from thoughtful integration of fiber, yarn, pattern, weave structure, complex color and finishing. She seeks to create meaningful textiles which elevate an interior space and contribute to an overall sense of well being.

Regina's passion for textiles began as a young girl. Her grandparents emigrated from Poland and opened a dry goods shop in their Philadelphia home. There they sold printed fabrics and trims at a time when women typically made their own curtains and clothing. Although the store closed in the 1960s, some of the stock was preserved in the space and became a place of play and imagination years later. This early introduction sparked a desire to create her own decorative textiles and learn the different processes of making them. She earned a degree in textile design at Philadelphia University and eventually moved to NYC.

Having worked directly with high quality textile mills and many talented creatives throughout her career, she values collaboration and relationships built on integrity and professionalism. Living in a dynamic metropolis and a curious traveler, she is continually inspired by architecture, fashion, nature, history and the multi-cultural community that surrounds her.



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